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Merchant Accounts

The easiest way to get signed up with a merchant account is by using our bulk-buying-power – over £500 million in transactions each year by business we've advised on merchant accounts.


Epos Now are a company specialising in EPOS equipment and EPOS systems.

“Epos Now promises to always deliver reliable service and upfront, honest pricing with no hidden surcharges.”

POS System

EPOS System

EPOS stands for Electronic Point of Sale – this describes the EPOS machine’s primary function; it is a range of retail hardware used for taking all manner of customer payments, from traditional cash tills, to the latest NFC payments. For example, your epos system can allow customers to buy products by debit card.

Modern EPOS Systems also handle stock and inventory management by interfacing with warehouse technology and multi-site stores.

These POS System are invaluable tools in today’s retail market. They empower store managers with all the information they need to run their business.

Managers have access to a range of reports and statistics, which can help them make informed decisions about staffing and sales team levels, promotions and other important aspects of the store’s day-to-day operation.

Retail and Hospitality Businesses

A POS system is essential to the running of most retail and hospitality sites in the UK. EPOS Now provide a range of affordable epos equipment and POS systems to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Any retail or hospitality business that wants to improve its performance would benefit from investing in an EPOS system and EPOS Software to make the day-to-day business needs easier to fulfill.

This can include supermarkets, fashion retailers, pubs, bars and fast food restaurants among many others. If you are looking for EPOS suppliers, EPOS systems or EPOS machines, EPOS Now can provide professional advice. Their staff have many years of experience in the epos industry and understand customers’ POS system requirements.


For ecommerce businesses, epos systems can be used to manage and support online sales and orders.

Although most ecommerce tasks can be accomplished using a website and payment gateway, the way EPOS Now can be integrated throughout your sales and shipping process provides many advantages at scale.

Inventory Management

EPOS Now provide a full inventory management system with cloud based integrated with many well-known third-party services and POS software for your POS system whatever your retail company size.

The customisable EPOS Now dashboard is a great tool for your business needs that allows you to run multiple stores throughout the UK, an all-in-one cloud based system.

Back office and warehouse integration allows EPOS software users to track their stock 24/7 so they always know what they have in stock and won’t run out.

The EPOS system can link directly to your warehouse software, so you will never sell or buy too much of the same product again.

EPOS System

EPOS Now will tailor a user friendly sale system to suit your needs that is flexible and can be adapted as your business grows.

EPOS Now have been in the ePOS industry for many years, so they know what you’re likely to need from a POS. They provide affordable equipment and software to suit any budget or any retail company size.

EPOS Now Payments

By taking advantage of the most popular payment options, you’ll be able to keep up with customer demand.

The following payment procedures are guaranteed on EPOS Now terminals.

EPOS Now Payments Pricing

Transaction costs vary depending on the card network. EPOS Now blended processing rate, makes it simple to keep track of your transaction fees.

You will always pay the same price on each transaction, regardless of the kind of card you use.

  • One blended rate for all card types
  • Flat monthly Fee


  • Accept Chip and Pin, swipe and contacless payments
  • Take payments from major UK and international cards
  • Take customer payments using Google Pay and Apple Pay

EPOS Now Payments Hardware

  • PCI Compliant Devices
  • Countertop and handheld terminals
  • Direct integration with EPOS Now tills


Chip-and-pin transactions provide a layer of security to your company by reducing fraud.

Tap and Contactless

A fast and simple payment method. Simply touch the screen with a credit card or smartphone to complete the transaction.

Card not present

You can also make an online payment, over the phone, or by post.

Accept all payment types

Customers can pay with numerous bank cards, eWallets like Apple Pay, and even services like AliPay (for a separate transaction fee) when making a purchase using EPOS Now.

Simplified reporting

Sales are recorded straight to your back office functions from the POS software, making data collection and transaction management simpler than ever.

Seamless EPOS integration

Unlike some EPOS providers, with just one EPOS Now account, you receive all of the hardware necessary to handle transactions and collect payments.

Robust security

EPOS Now devices are designed to meet UK PCI DSS requirements, keeping customer information private when you accept payments and reducing the risk of fraud and chargebacks.

NOWpay Pro+

Epos Now’s most recent portable device allows you to work from anywhere. NOWpay Pro+ is a portable EPOS system that can run your business from just one device or combined with your desktop EPOS system.

According to EPOS Now, the NOWpay Pro+ can:

  • Manage your entire business from one place
  • Access your Epos Now apps
  • Review product and sales performance
  • View stock levels in real time
  • Integrate with a fully loaded ecommerce platform


Take Customer Orders

Take orders at tableside using the same device you use to accept payments.

Take Card Payments

Payments can now be taken from anywhere using the contactless card reader, magstripe, or chip and pin reader.

Print Receipts

You can print receipts at any time, no matter where you are with a built-in receipt printer.

NOWpay Pro+ Device

  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • 5 GHz 2.4 GHz wifi, (4G/3G), Bluetooth 4.1
  • USB-C charging port
  • 5.5″ colour touch display
  • Printer, 100mm/sec & 40mm paper roll

The NOWpay Pro+ handheld e POS system is a full colour epos that allows you to complete transactions, manage stock and view reports.

You can also integrate the NOWpay Pro+ device with your other POS system hardware and workflow.

NOWpay Pro+ Pricing

NOWpay Pro+ is usually priced at £399 p.a. but in December 2021 EPOS Now offered the equipment for a discounted rate of £149 or £24 per-month.

These prices are listed as “The Complete Solution – Everything you need”, on the EPOS Now website.

EPOS Now Integrations

EPOS Now and Xero

Xero will automatically download all of your firm’s financial data from Epos Now’s Back Office and combine it in one location.

EPOS Now and Appointedd

Get a specialised booking website and increase your company with this online scheduling connection integration with EPOS Now.

EPOS Now and Shopify

With Shopify and EPOS Now, you can start an online store quickly and easily. You may also develop your own apps for Shopify to grow your business even more.

EPOS Now and Loyalzoo

Integrate EPOS Now with Loyalzoo to get the most out of your consumers by keeping them connected. Turn your customers into creatures of habit with your company’s loyalty program.

EPOS Now and Mailchimp

If you want to increase your sales, use our Mailchimp integration that automatically imports customer data from your Epos Now system into your Mailchimp.

Epos Now Delivery

Expand your customer reach by promoting your restaurant on the most popular food ordering channels on the market.

EPOS Now and Quickbooks

You can save up to 8 hours of labor each month by exporting your sales data with QuickBooks Online and Epos Now.

EPOS Now and Sage Business Cloud

Epos Now communicates with Sage Business Cloud Accounting in the cloud to ensure that sales, items, consumers, and suppliers are all up to date in real

EPOS Now and International Bancard

EPOS Now provides integration with International Bancard.

EPOS Now and Takepayments

With takepayments, you may integrate Epos Now into your checkout experience to make trading easier than ever before and improve the purchasing process.

EPOS Now and Worldpay

When you combine Worldpay with EPOS Now, you can accept EMV payments faster, easier, and less expensive than ever before.

EPOS Now Bulk Import

Add and manage thousands of products in your Epos Now Back Office in a matter of seconds.

EPOS Now Multi-Site Manager

With Epos Now’s multi-site manager, you may manage numerous locations from a single system.

EPOS Now Customer Loyalty

Create your own, personalized loyalty program to increase income and attract repeat business.

EPOS Now and Deputy

Deputy is the ultimate workplace management software, providing scheduling, time and attendance management, performance monitoring, and improved communication integration with EPOS Now.


Add an API device to your Epos Now system, and you’re ready to connect with virtually anything.

EPOS Now and WooCommerce

Become a true omnichannel retailer with the WooCommerce Epos Now integration, hosted by Slynk.

EPOS Now and NearSt

Integrate EPOS Now and NearSt to increase the number of clients that visit your physical store by making your products visible to millions of people on platforms

Epos Now Online

The easiest method to expand your business online Create a strong internet presence with Epos Now’s easy-to-use website builder.

Epos Now Order and Pay

With the fully-contactless mobile platform for hospitality, you can offer delivery and pickup services.

EPOS Now Kitchen Display System

You can print and use your order ticket right away. Say goodbye to paper order slips in the front and back of house.

EPOS Now Reviews

Helpful Customer Service Group

EPOS Now has been described online as a “very helpful customer service group”. If you have any epos or ecommerce questions, they can provide assistance.


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